DUNGEN [star] – print and play

I recently visited the itch.io jams page and noticed a few very interesting game jams running simultaneously. One was 7DFPS which I had already participated in the year prior – see SwitchBlade, the other two were paper jam – where you are asked to make a physical, printable game and procedural jam – where you must create something that has an element of procedural generation. I slept on the idea of participating in one and in the morning woke up with the idea to complete all three jams with only one game, thus DUNGEN [star] was born.

[star] takes place on a derelict ship drifting through outer space. You are attempting to rid the ship of its loot and infestation before proceeding on your merry way. The core concept is that you lay out large room tiles in a procedural manner before randomising the pile of enemies and items which are distributed among the rooms face down. You then use your protagonist (a card that looks like your hand from a first person perspective) atop the room you wish to start in.

You only need one six sided die and a coin to play the game (along with the printed materials of course) and although at first I thought the game would be a single player experience I tried printing off a couple more protagonists and playtested multiple players. Each player starts at a random room and proceeds as normal until they meet. When they meet they both roll a die and the lower roll takes the difference between the two in damage. This is intense and causes some interesting maneuvers during the endgame where the players have defeated the enemies and must proceed to take down each other.

You can find the game at jctwood.itch.io/dungen.B2CWWN7CAAEZEt_