The journey of ZenTorii


It is coming up to the first anniversary of RamenSoft’s first game jam up in Moray, at which we created Micro Pulse. A small arcadey game that was shown off at Protoplay in August.

RamenSoft is a team of fellow students who have created five titles at various game jams and spent the summer developing ZenTorii a small mobile relaxation experience.

We began working on the concept which was provided to us by Phillip G Harris (Bleeding Cool, One Thumb Mobile). Within a few weeks of planning at Abertay we had a small prototype.

From the beginning I displayed my interest in procedural generation to the group. Something Sam, a fellow programmer, had worked on in Micro Pulse.

My major contribution to the whole application was the underlying system for creating the environment around the river flowing eternally across the player’s screen.

I used Unity3D to construct a highly customisable and accessible interface for adding new assets with parameters determining how they appear in the world. This proved hugely helpful later down the line during the last few weeks we have spent polishing ZenTorii.

You can download the application free from the Google Play Store here:
I am extremely pleased with what we managed to create and look forward to the feedback we receive.

This is my first in depth blog post on my website and I hope to continue every Saturday. Feel free to leave any queries in the comments. : )